Augmented Reality Contact Lenses at #CES2014

CNET reports that Innovega will be showing a prototype of its iOptik augmented reality contacts at CES 2014. The catch is you have to wear them together with a pair of glasses that project a full HD image onto the contacts.  Still, while Google Glass projects a small screen in one corner of your field of view, the iOptik device can project anything anywhere you are looking.  More like an Oculus Rift experience than a Google Glass experience.

Business Insider reported that Google employees are giving up on wearing Google Glass around town, in part because “Glass is considered weird and rude.”  Wearing glasses and contacts together is also a bit weird, but the iOptik glasses do look cooler than Google Glass in Innovega’s promo video (well, they are sunglasses in the video and who doesn’t look cool in sunglasses?)

And to think a couple years ago the TV industry thought 3D glasses were innovative.

Original article at CNET.

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Tom Novak is the Denit Trust Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Marketing at the George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

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